What are Psychics in Lincoln Park?

A relative newcomer to Lincoln Park, this rococo cocktail lounge is bringing its A-game this Halloween season with over-the-top decor and drinks that are both eclectic and spooky. Look for a tarot card reader by the entrance and be sure to make a reservation for dinner. Otherwise, cocktails and appetizers are walk-in only.

Well-known psychic medium Marcus psychic in Lincoln Park Starr is known for his jaw-dropping performances that have been said to shock, amaze and intrigue even the hardest of skeptics. Join him on stage for messages from long-lost loved ones and validations with his pendulum that will leave you spellbound.

Hiring a psychic entertainer is an excellent way to mystify guests at birthday parties, corporate events or unique themed events. Psychics offer various services like palm reading, tarot card reading, aura reading, numerology and fortune telling to help your guests learn about themselves in an exciting, intriguing and fun way. Use online profiles to find a psychic who can accommodate your guest count, preferred services and other details of your event. For larger events, you may want to consider hiring multiple psychics. They also have the ability to bring along tarot cards and other props for additional entertainment.

Psychics are part of the city’s social infrastructure, deeply entangled in its history, and connecting spectacle and show business with networks of women workers, informal economies and subversive domesticities. They also serve as a counter to the skepticism and disbelief that linger around the supernatural. Their esoteric storefronts make calculated references to witchcraft and mediumistic practices, portraying the friction between legally allowed spectacle and spiritual communion.

Unlike traditional psychic shops, which are often run out of private homes, contemporary psychic businesses can operate remotely and are typically located in commercial spaces or refurbished portions of residential apartments. This enables them to avoid regulations imposed on mediumship and to work within the 25 percent of a private residence that is legally allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Many of these spaces are designed to feel homey and intimate, with candles, books and tarot cards.

A contemporary psychic might offer services such as clairvoyant readings, life coaching, dream analysis, tarot card reading, aura reading or palmistry. They may also use one of the many apps that now host fortune-telling services, such as Kasamba, Keen or Intro. These digital products and their physical counterparts are rooted in 19th-century Spiritualism, which was a Christian sect that placed women at the center of its practice. It was assumed that women were ideal channels for spirits, and that their ability to speak with the dead made them a natural link between the church and the women’s rights movement.