Victorian Panel Door Repair

A Victorian panel door was badly damaged when a catflap was fitted. Its new owner later removed the catflap, and it needed restoration, repair and redecoration. Our team of restorers re-built the central panel with sheet timber, fitted new beading, and fine-tuned the overall finish using a two-part filler.

Four-panel doors

Victorian four-panel doors are the most popular door design from the Victorian era. These doors were made during Queen Victoria’s reign between 1837 and 1901. This was one of the most progressive eras in history, and saw the rise of the middle class and the development of new technologies. During this period, people began to appreciate the finer things in life and sought to build homes of distinction. Gothic architecture was also revived during this time period.


This Victorian panel door in mahogany has a beautiful French polished finish and fielded and raised panels. This door is in good structural condition. It has been previously used in a San Francisco mansion. The mahogany is in very good condition, with minor losses and scuffs. It comes with the box of original hardware.


A pine Victorian panel door is an inexpensive way to bring a traditional style into your home. Pine stiles and rails are fixed to individual pine ply panels, with victorian 4 panel door a bollection moulding around the edge. These doors come unsealed, which allows you to finish them yourself or have a paint supplier paint them for you. The doors are suitable for internal use only, and are available in a wide range of sizes.


Oak Victorian panel doors have a timeless quality and can add a touch of natural beauty to a contemporary interior. They are made from heavyweight oak with a solid core to add a sense of authenticity to your home. Their design lends itself to any setting, but they are particularly popular in period properties. The natural wood gives a cosy feeling to any room.

Stained glass

Stained glass panels on doors were a popular feature of Victorian homes. The intricate designs were often used to designate social status or wealth. Lower-class homes often lacked the money to add the extra embellishment. Victorian panel doors were common in hallways, picture windows, and bathrooms. Victorian homes were also known for their cluttered appearance, and they often had multiple windows, a porch, and a stairwell.

Oil-based paint

Oil-based paint is an excellent choice for Victorian panel doors because it will last a long time. Oil-based paint requires a longer drying time, but it’s worth the time investment because it will last a long time. Even if you have to re-paint it once in a while, oil-based paint will be the most durable option.