Top Sports Award Ideas For Your Team

In any sports team, the players who really stand out and make a difference deserve special recognition. Whether they’re a T-ball MVP or the star player in the NFL, these top athletes deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. There are many great athletic awards to hand out, but here are a few of our favorites:

Best All Around Player

This award should go to the most valuable player on your entire team, regardless of position. Try to look beyond stats and consider things like intangibles such as leadership, communication, and even the ability to memorize and execute the complex playbook of a particular sport. You can even get creative with this and award players based on specific skills, such as being the most consistent free throw shooter or having a particularly high-speed spike over the net.

Most Clutch Player

This player always comes through in the clutch to scoreĀ premier a game-winning point or put away a crucial shot. Try to reward this player for their amazing game-saving ability, as well as their high energy and excellent decision making on the field.

Pregame Traditions

Everyone has that one player who has a pregame ritual they do to bring good luck before every game, from wearing lucky socks to doing a cartwheel to drinking a certain flavor of Gatorade. This can be a fun award to give out to the person who brings the most spirit to every game, and even to other activities outside of games, like practices or gym class.

Most Improved Player

This is another very prestigious and important award to hand out. Make sure you’re looking at more than just stats when deciding on this winner, and take a look at how professional teams choose their MVPs. If you’re not sure where to start, try looking at specific skill sets such as passing or shooting, and think about how much the player has improved since last season.

Humorous Sports Awards

Depending on the age of your team, humorous sports awards can be a great way to add some lightheartedness to your end-of-season awards ceremony. This is especially true for young kids, where parents can be encouraged to rib their children about the ridiculousness of some of these funny sports awards, such as “Parent Most Likely to Fall Asleep During a Game.”

The Team Spirit Award

You can also award the team with a trophy based on their enthusiasm. Try a Coloured Glass Achievement Figurine by Olympia for this kind of award, as it is perfect for showing the appreciation you have towards your team members who have been inspiring to other members in their positive attitude and spirit during each game.

Besides these, there are other great athletic awards to hand out, such as the Most Committed Player or Most Caring Teammate. By recognizing these types of qualities, you can help your players understand that being an athlete doesn’t just mean scoring a goal or winning a match. It’s also about being a good teammate, caring for others, and contributing to the community at large.