The Pros and Cons of Moving to Denver

One of the biggest draws for people moving to Denver is its proximity to world-class mountains. Whether it’s a weekend of skiing or hiking, the mountains are only a short drive from the city. The combination of big city amenities and nature are a draw for both locals and visitors alike, drawing upwards of 17 million people a year. This popularity has resulted in a growing number of people looking to relocate to Denver.

As a result, the city’s housing market has become tight, leading to skyrocketing home prices. It’s important to consider the affordability of housing when making a decision about moving to Denver.

In addition to the cost of housing, newcomers should also be prepared for high expenses such as food, utility bills, and vehicle expenses. Luckily, there are several options for public transportation in Denver, including bus and light rail routes. However, these routes do not cover the majority of the city, and they can take a long time to get where you’re going if you live farther from the center.

Denver is also known for its low crime rate, and the city’s neighborhoods are generally safe to live in. However, some neighborhoods do have higher crime rates than others. It’s important to research the different neighborhoods before deciding where you want to move to Denver.

Another issue to consider is Denver’s things to know before moving to denver high altitude. The city is located more than a mile above sea level, earning it the nickname of “The Mile High City.” It’s important to acclimate to this change in climate when moving to Denver, as some individuals experience altitude sickness upon initial arrival.

Although Denver offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, the winters can be cold and snowy. As a result, many locals head to the mountains on the weekends or travel to other destinations in search of warm weather.

Despite the negatives, Denver is a great city for people who are interested in living an active lifestyle. The city has an abundance of outdoor activities, excellent schools, and a strong economy. It is a popular place for young professionals who are in their 30s, with 38% of the population falling into this age range. Additionally, there is a strong startup scene in Denver and the city is keen on becoming an Aerospace Alley, with companies such as The Boeing Company and Raytheon located here. The city is also home to a wide variety of museums and cultural attractions, making it an exciting place to be.