Shelf Service Bouncers For Kids Parties

The Shelf Service is a one-stop shop for party supplies that specializes in providing party accessories that are suited for kids and adults. Their product line includes Shelf-O-Matic, Shelf-On-Sale, Shelf-On-Demand, Shelf-On-Sale Plus, Shelf-On-Demand Plus, Shelf-On-Sale Premium, Shelf-On-Term, Branded Shelfs, Super Shelfs, Connectors plus many more. Their products are designed for all ages and they cater to both boys and girls. They have party themes including Cars, Disney, GI Joe, Power Ranges, Star Wars, Superman, Batman, GI Joe, Hannah Montana, Transformers, and many more. They also have a full line of inflatable accessories, bounce houses, castle playsets, activity centers, kiddie beds, and many other accessories.

Shelf Service Bouncers

“Shelf Service is an American-based company which specializes in providing accessories and inflatables to consumers. They have been supplying party and event planners with various unique and functional inflatable products that can be utilized at seminars, trade shows, fairs, school conventions, home parties, and as general housewarming gifts. These inflatables are made from materials such as PVC, Teflon coated plastic and molded thermoplastic polymers. All of these materials are durable and are designed to withstand constant use.”

The Shelf-O-Matic line includes bounce houses, inflatable wall climbers, inflatable moonwalks, inflatable jumpers, jumpy bars, bouncers, pinball machines, slide on slides, inflatable obstacle courses, bouncy castle and many more. The Shelf-O-Matic Company website says “The Shelf-O-Matic brand was born when two young entrepreneurs decided to utilize their love of creating and throwing outrageous parties to create an exhilarating product for consumers. They chose to focus on creating fun and creative inflatable toys that would help children have a great time at their parties and would encourage parents to drop their kids off at the pool when it was time for them.” They currently produce over 30 different inflatable party items.

Bouncer games are the latest craze in party additions. The Shelf-O-Matic Company has several different types of bouncer game offerings. These include: Mini Jumper Basketball, Mini Beach volley ball, Beach Volleyball, and Skateboard Swing. Each one of these games has its own set of unique characteristics and is geared toward different party ages.

The Shelf-O-Matic website states, “A Shelf is an inflatable bouncer that is designed with the unique requirements of the younger generation in mind. In this day and age there are so many young kids out there who still love the bounce houses of yesterday. To them we say go get your own Shelf and let the fun begin! The Shelf can be setup and ready to go in minutes. It’s small enough to store easily and it can easily be disassembled and stored when you are finished with it to avoid clutter and inconvenience!”

The Shelf-O-Matic Company also manufactures inflatable jumpers for kids. This is a very popular type of bouncer for kids parties. There are different sizes, styles, colors and materials. They are made from light weight PVC which makes them very portable and easy to carry from place to place. There are also bouncers made from heavy duty plastics and fabrics for more durability.

The Shelf-O-Matic website says, “Our bouncers come in two different styles: Shelfies and Shelfside Bouncers. Bouncer Shelfside are our smallest bouncers, and can be moved indoors if needed. Shelfies are our largest and most sturdy bouncers, and can be used outdoors or inside a party. Both styles of Shelfies are fully air-filled and made to withstand the punishment that kids can give them.”

The Shelf-O-Matic Company is a one-stop shop for all your kid party needs. They offer party rentals, inflatable rentals, and bouncer rentals for kids parties. They even have free bumper stickers for your vehicle if you choose to go that route. They offer great prices on all their products and services. Go check out what the Shelf Service Bouncers can do for your next kids party!