Pest Control Services From Your Local North London Pest Expert

The densely populated urban areas of the capital from Enfield to Haringey provide ideal conditions for pests like rats and mice to thrive. As opportunistic scavengers these rodents make the most of their environment eating everything from the contents of rubbish and discarded food to berries, seeds, fruits, vegetables and even food in our homes if they can gain entry. The most effective way to control rodents is to take preventative measures by proofing property with rat traps and blocking any holes they use to enter.

Bed bugs, one of the most difficult household pests to eradicate can be a serious problem in North London properties. These wingless, blood-sucking insects breed rapidly and spread quickly to multiple locations within homes or businesses. The most effective method of dealing with a bed bug infestation is heat treatment which destroys the eggs, larvae and adult moths. The heat will also kill any mites and other pests such as fleas and cockroaches that may be in the home or business.

Other common pests include flies such as house and fruit flies, wasps including the black garden wasp and cluster flies which appear in large numbers indoors at this time of year. There are also more than 2,000 beetle species in the UK, many of which can be problematic if they infest fabrics and furnishings such as carpets, furs and leathers. Moths are another major problem in older properties and these can be controlled by trapping and monitoring with the most effective method of eradicating them being heat.

Other popular services include rodent trapping local North London pest expert and rat removal from homes and businesses, cockroach control, wasp nest removal, flea treatments and ant controls. All our pest control work is carried out by DBS checked technicians using the most up to date pest control techniques and is covered by £5 million public liability insurance.