Ledged and Brace Doors

Ledged and brace doors are a traditional style of oak door. They have a classic look and are a great insulator. They are also very easy to make. This article looks at some of the main benefits of these doors. It will also provide tips for making them yourself.

Ledged and braced doors are made from oak

Ledged and braced doors are solid oak internal doors manufactured by experienced craftsmen. They are framed with three horizontal braces and can have diagonal braces if required. They are available in standard sizes or can be custom made to fit the specific dimensions of your home. Ledged and braced oak doors are suitable for both new builds and renovations. In addition, the character and colour of these doors can be customised to suit your home or building.

They are a traditional design

A traditional ledge and brace door is a popular choice for country cottages and modern houses alike. ThisĀ ledge and brace doors style of door is easy to maintain and can be replaced with a new one if a part becomes damaged. These doors are available in many sizes and are inexpensive and durable. Wittswood offers a variety of kits for installing ledge and brace doors.

They are a great insulator

Ledge and brace doors are generally made of timber, with the most common type being oak. They come in a range of finishes, including clear raw effect oil and darker stains. You can also paint them to create a more contemporary look.

They are easy to make

Ledge and brace doors are an easy construction project. A standard layout of ledged doors is a single narrow board in the centre, a wide board on either side and a narrow board on the top edge. Before starting the process, decide which end of the boards you will place at the top. Use a nylon hammer to level the boards. Once the boards are level, push the tongues of the boards into the grooves of the adjacent boards.

They are painted

When painting ledge and brace doors, it’s important to ensure that both sides are flat before applying the paint. This way, you won’t have to worry about smudging the finished product. The best way to get the best result is to remove all previous coatings, including varnish. Then, paint the ledge and brace doors using a good quality paint.

They are framed

Ledge and brace doors are framed on both sides and are available in oak, pine, or composite construction. They are commonly hung with hook and eye straps. They have vertical lining panels on both sides and are solidly rebated. They are a high-quality door, ready to be decorated.