Dementia Care – What You Need to Know

The task of caring for a loved one who has dementia can be a daunting one. You may be able to provide care at home, or you may need to find a care home for your loved one. Care homes in Sydney offer a variety of services and accommodations. To make your decision easier, read the information below. You may be surprised at what you learn. If you’re unsure of what you need, we’ll cover a few topics that can help.

Arts on Prescription

The Arts on Prescription program in Sydney is a creative arts therapy designed to help older adults with dementia and unmet health needs. This program pairs experienced artists with small groups of older people to encourage their creativity and develop new artistic skills. The program is based on the UK model and uses the arts to treat the mental, physical and social needs of the elderly. It includes visual arts, music, dance and drama. Participants are encouraged to participate and the artists use the program’s equipment and facilities to create engaging works of art.

Nutrition for people with dementia

In addition to the dietary guidelines for older Click Here people, a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables is also essential for people with dementia. The diet should also contain low levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, and salt. Supplements are also helpful to supplement the diet. For more information, please visit our website. The following information has been compiled to help you choose the best nutrition for your loved one. The diet should also include foods high in vitamin D and antioxidants.

Advance Care Planning

A growing number of elderly Australians are facing the challenges of advanced age. Many suffer from multiple chronic conditions, and the number of visits to hospitals will continue to rise. As people age, they will also need more support to live as independently as possible. In order to meet this growing need, improvements in primary and community care will be necessary, such as greater integration of care and increased home support services. The following are some resources available to help individuals with dementia plan for their future care.

Support for informal carers

Dementia is a progressive deterioration of the ability to communicate, reason, process information, express emotions, and manage personal and financial matters. Some people may require full-time care in an aged-care facility. Support for informal carers can be invaluable. A network of peer-support groups is also available to provide emotional support and education. Carers have an immense contribution to make to society and our economy, and they deserve support and assistance.

Research opportunities for staff at HammondCare

The University of Sydney and HammondCare have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that aims to shape the health care sector, improve education and create social impact. It cements the longstanding partnership between the organisations and highlights the importance of research in health care. The university’s Vice-Chancellor and principal Professor Mark Scott said: “This partnership is a great example of how collaboration can lead to better outcomes for patients and staff.”