3D Scanner, Modeler, and Inspection Software – Why You Need Geomagic Software

If you’re looking for a 3D scanner, modeler, or inspection software that can help you create accurate 3D images, geomagic software┬áis worth considering. Its robust 3D modeling capabilities make it a valuable asset for any company. From 3D modeling and inspection to 3D printing, Geomagic has something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer. Here are the features of Geomagic software and why you need it.

3D scanning

The Geomagic Design X software has been specifically designed for converting 3D scan data into manufacturing-ready CAD models. Its unique features include automated guided solid model extraction, exact surface fitting for organic 3D scans, mesh editing, and point-cloud processing. It can scan virtually any object, and turn it into a manufacturing-ready design. It works with portable arms and 3D scanners from all major manufacturers, and is fully compatible with popular CAD software.

3D modeling

The Geomagic Design X is a CAD design software designed specifically for converting 3D scan data into feature-based CAD models. Its unique combination of functions helps users create manufacturing-ready designs and can even rebuild CAD data lost in the scanning process. Its streamlined workflow enables designers to create models right away without having to wait for clean-up scans or expensive prototype matching errors. CAD modeling software has never been so easy to use and learn!

3D inspection

Among the Geomagic software suites, Control X enables you to make the most of your 3-D scanner data with a host of powerful metrology tools. It supports both pre-planned processes and casual walk-up inspections, making it ideal for multi-manufacturing workflows. The software also helps you increase quality standards and traceability. Regardless of your 3D scanning needs, Geomagic Control X can provide you with the results you need to make informed, confident decisions about your products.

3D printing

As the world leader in additive manufacturing, 3D Systems has announced new versions of Geomagic design software. The new versions of Geomagic Design X and Geomagic Wrap will improve product development workflows with greater accuracy. The newest versions of Geomagic design software are scheduled for commercial release later this month. They are capable of automating modelling workflows and providing improved pathways for complex revolved parts. To learn more about the new Geomagic software for 3D printing, read on.

Auto sketch

The auto sketch feature in Geomagic design X is an excellent option for drawing a 3D model. This software can extract solid and surface features from 3D scan data to create a fully editable solid model. It can even export modeling parameters for downstream CAD applications. The Auto sketch feature in Geomagic design X is also highly efficient for creating 3D models from photos or scan data. The software is compatible with many popular CAD applications, including Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, and Pro/ENGINEER.

Live transfer

With Geomagic Live Transfer software, you can quickly and easily send newly constructed geometry into popular CAD packages. Its partnership with major CAD software vendors enables it to create editable feature histories. The software can transfer solid models and data from SOLIDWORKS to other CAD systems. Geomagic Live Transfer software also lets you view and modify imported data in real time. This helps you make changes to your CAD models and save them for future use.