A Sacramento Auto Injury Advocate Can Help Victims Get the Compensation They Deserve

Thousands of people are injured in car accidents each year on Sacramento area roads. For many of those, their injuries are severe, and the financial costs can be significant. A seasoned Sacramento auto accident lawyer can help victims get the compensation they deserve for their losses.

Maurer Law Corporation represents plaintiffs in personal injury cases including car accidents. The firm serves clients in Sacramento and nearby areas. Its founder, Jordan Maurer, has extensive experience in car accident law. He has a proven track record of success in pursuing compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. The firm has handled several large verdicts, including a $382,000 arbitration award in a rear-end collision case. Maurer is a member of the Consumer Attorneys of California and Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association.

The Law Office of Jeremy Winter is an established personal injury firm in Sacramento that represents clients who suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents and other types of personal injuries. The firm pursues compensation for its clients’ hospital bills, physical rehabilitation costs, and emotional damage. It also offers assistance in calculating their compensatory damages. Its attorneys and staff members speak English and Spanish.

Lewis Injury helps clients with claims presentation, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation in Sacramento. The firm represents people who have sustained life-altering injuries in car accidents and families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents. Its attorneys have more than 18 years of legal experience and are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. They specialize in cases involving wrongful death, medical malpractice, personal injury, and other serious matters.

In addition to causing serious injuries, car accidents often lead to psychological trauma. These problems can include PTSD, anxiety, and depression. A Sacramento car accident lawyer can help victims recover compensation for their mental suffering.

Besides the physical and financial costs of a car accident, victims may have to deal with other problems such as long-term care, rehabilitation, lost income, and property loss. An experienced Sacramento car accident lawyer can handle the complex legal process and ensure that victims receive the full amount of their entitled settlements.

Insurance companies do not like to pay out large sums of money, and they will try everything in their power to reduce or deny a claim. A Sacramento car accident attorney will stand up to the insurance company and protect the rights of his or her clients.

In a car accident case, proving the defendant’s fault is important in order to recover compensation. In California, a victim can recover damages even when they share some fault in a crash. For example, if the court assigns 80% fault to the other party and 20% to you, you can still recover a large percentage of your claimed damages. However, a Sacramento Auto Injury Advocate can make sure that the jury gives you maximum compensation for your losses. He or she will build a strong case by gathering evidence and preparing for the trial.