What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal-fillers are temporary injections of soft tissue that are injected into the skin. These treatments can reduce wrinkles, add volume, and augment facial features. Although these injections are temporary, there is some risk of side effects. Most dermal-fillers are absorbed by the body over time.

Dermal fillers are FDA-approved

Dermal fillers are FDA-approved for cosmetic use and can be administered by a licensed healthcare worker with a syringe. The FDA has not approved the use of dermal fillers in some areas of the body, including around blood vessels. Therefore, patients should consult a physician for their specific treatment plan before undergoing an injection.

They are temporary

Dermal-fillers are temporary, gel-like substances that have been used to treat facial wrinkles and folds. The products contain natural sugar called hyaluronic acid, which contributes to the firmness, bounce and volume of the skin.

They can cause side effects

There are several side effects associated with dermal-fillers. These treatments have the potential to cause bleeding, infection, and bruising. They are not covered by health insurance and should only be performed by a qualified professional. However, many health insurance plans do not cover elective cosmetic procedures.

They are relatively painless

Dermal-fillers are relatively painless and quick procedures that can give you a beautiful new look. Because the injections are made with fillers guide lidocaine, the area treated will be numb while the filler goes in. Most patients will be able to return to work the same day. Some patients may experience minor swelling or bruising at the injection site, but this usually goes away after a few hours. Patients can cover up any lingering discoloration with makeup. Patients should also apply sunblock when in direct sunlight to ensure that the results last.

They restore volume to sagging skin

Dermal-fillers are gel-like injectables that restore volume to sagging skin. Different types of fillers are used for different purposes, and the right one depends on your particular needs. For instance, some dermal-fillers smooth out wrinkling and creases, while others plump lips.

They can be used in many areas of the face

Dermal-fillers can be used in a variety of areas of the face to improve the appearance. In some areas, such as the lips, wrinkles and crow’s feet, they can help reduce the appearance of aging skin. There are several different types of dermal-fillers, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

They are available on CareCredit

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