Solartex Window Tinting in Fort Myers

Solartex Window Tinting is a Fort Myers window tinting company that offers a variety of window tinting services. They offer solar control window film that reduces glare, a lifetime warranty, and local gift cards. Contact them today to learn more about their services! Let them transform the look of your home or business with high-quality window film!

Solar control window film reduces glare

Solar control window film is a clear, micro-thin, durable film that protects the interior of a building from ultraviolet light. This film can reduce glare and unnecessary heat, reducing energy costs while maintaining the look and feel of a building. The film also helps protect furnishings from fading caused by natural light.

Besides its aesthetic benefits, solar film can also help protect your furnishings from sun damage. The bright rays of the sun can cause damage to carpets, hardwood floors, and even paintings and drapes. ThisĀ Solartex Window Tinting Fort Myers film can save you money by preventing the fading of your furnishings, while saving you from the expense of replacing them. It can also protect your sentimental furnishings.

Installing solar control window film can reduce glare from up to 76 percent. This can improve concentration and reduce eye strain. Furthermore, it keeps your windows cooler, reducing the need to close your window blinds.

LLumar films with a Lifetime Warranty

LLumar residential window tinting films are an easy, affordable way to achieve a custom look on your windows. These tints are durable, color-stable, and scratch-resistant. Plus, they keep out heat and provide privacy.

LLumar’s ATC Series window films feature advanced deep-dye technology and 99% UV protection. These tints are color-stable, which prevents interior finishes from fading. These films are available in premium shades, such as charcoal.

LLumar films have a Lifetime Warranty and are approved for use on most types of windows and glass. They can also be installed on most types of auto glass. For privacy, factory-installed privacy glass may be an option.